Thursday, April 26, 2007

session 02

Hello again. It was great seeing you today and hear you presenting your blogs and what excellent projects we have now!
I'm really sorry i had to rush off at 1 pm sharp but unfortunately its the only way i can do in order to get to the South Bank Uni ontime for the 2 pm session... and you can't imagine how stressful it was to do such long journey in such tight schedule!

So next week we need to organise ourselves a little better to make sure I meet with everyone that is scheduled for individual tutorials, Maybe starting with Judy which had the shortest tutorial today! So please try to have your image collections already organised in the flickr account and posted to your blog with the concept for your printed project. Have a nice week-end and don't forget to see the show at the Photographer's Gallery. You can red my review of the show here:

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2ndChance said...

Hi Paula,
Sorry for my grumpiness yesterday .. I'd had a frustrating morning but none of it was your fault - so apologise for being ungracious.
In fact the two things you did suggest were useful - I have started again -
I also have a clearer idea of what you need and will post more images over the weekend.
See you next week,
PS some of us went to the Photographers Gallery yesterday - really interesting!