Sunday, April 29, 2007

spam anthology

spam anthology now on the web at

if you have spam gifs and txts that you'd like to contribute to this ever growing anthology send them to paularoush-at-gmail-dot-com with spam anthology as the subject line.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

session 02

Hello again. It was great seeing you today and hear you presenting your blogs and what excellent projects we have now!
I'm really sorry i had to rush off at 1 pm sharp but unfortunately its the only way i can do in order to get to the South Bank Uni ontime for the 2 pm session... and you can't imagine how stressful it was to do such long journey in such tight schedule!

So next week we need to organise ourselves a little better to make sure I meet with everyone that is scheduled for individual tutorials, Maybe starting with Judy which had the shortest tutorial today! So please try to have your image collections already organised in the flickr account and posted to your blog with the concept for your printed project. Have a nice week-end and don't forget to see the show at the Photographer's Gallery. You can red my review of the show here:

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

as found

The Image as it is, ie, as found.
As-Found is Thomas Eberwein & Marc Kremers creative response to the trillions of images available on the Internet. "We think that a found image can match any image produced within the artistic field, in aesthetic, cultural or emotional qualities (...)These images, as they have been found, are perfect in our eyes, and we want to showcase them here, giving them a new space in which to be contemplated. Showing them in the context of this site gives them new value."
Curated exhibitions include:
Bandwidth stealer
Presidential Runner-ups

Friday, April 20, 2007

project brief

Hello, I had a great time working with you during the workshop. Thank you so much for your patience!
I've now added links to all your blogs on the side bar, so you can follow each other's progress.
Also, here's a reminder of the project's brief:
A collection of material from the web, using your blogs ( flickr for the images and blogger for the text and links to images) to articulate the concept, ie the rationale/ motivation for your selection
You should have at least 21 images from your chosen theme and a method for organising them (collage, publication, animation, etc)
Any questions, feel free to email me at paula-roush-at-gmail-dot-com.
See you next thursday in the media lab. We'll kick start with your presentations. I would like to see all your research blogged so we can see everyone's ideas online, so please dont't bring neither prints nor images on disk.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


artist: paula roush
project:internet of things
-diagrams & visualisations
method: made by searching diagrams representing the concept of "internet of things " (from google searches, tech diagrams, lectures powerpoint presentations.);
for further research:Flickr set of the whole collection:

artist: paula roush
project:pdf publications spam anthology and untitled folder
method: made by collecting spam gifs (from viagra, stock market, medicine adverts,etc); and photos/thumbnails from online social networks(like gaydar)
for further research:download of the whole collection:

artist: guthrie lonergan
-robot stoppers & thmbnails
method: made using robot stoppers (from Myspace, PayPal, Ticketmaster, & some others) and thumbnail images (mostly from Google News, some from YouTube.)
Download pdfs of the whole collection:
for further research:

artist: nick crowe
project:The Management Committee of the World Wide Web Consortium (2000)
Engraved glass, paper, fixings, light
13 panels, each 60cms x 45cms

method: 13 glass panels hand-engraved with portraits of the management committee of the world wide web consortium
for further research:

project: Nasdaq Landscape (2001)
Drawings on flip chart stands A1 size
method:12 A1 drawings depicting the Nasdaq Composite during the financial year 2000/2001 set in the context of a pen and ink landscape. 2000/2001 was the year when the investment bubble burst.

project: The New Medium (1999)
Engraved glass, fixings, light
15 Panels, each 60cms x 45cms

method:15 Glass panels hand-engraved with internet memorial pages that had been submitted to a web site called Virtual Heaven. First shown at the Lux Gallery, London in January 2000

artist: albertine meunier
project: My Google Search History
text files and quicktime movies
method: archive of the artist's search words when using google search engine as supplied by google, output as quicktime movies

further research:

artist: Olia Lialina & Dragan Espenschied
: With Elements of Web 2.0
: a series of pictures about the web of early 2006, in A1 silkscreen over digital print.
for further research:

working with found images

..the problem today is no longer how to create the right image,
but how to find an already existing one...

-Lev Manovich

from web 2.0 print

Hello welcome to the blog for the project from web 2.0 print, taking place at the wimbledon school of art (19 april to may 2007) and facilitated by paula roush.
The purpose of this blog is to explore how the web 2.0 can be used as a creative space for print making, with a focus on the convergence between web 2.0 and printed matter.

the aims for the workshops are:
1- to introduce the web 2.0 concepts and practices and present some options for artists
2-present the network as a database for sourcing and a platform to share your own collection
3-create a blog for personal publishing and/or integration into printmaking strategies